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New Kids on the Block: Bars, Cleanses, & Treats

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Meet the New Kids: ActivMotion Bars


In the fitness industry there is always an "it thing.” Whether it’s an "it” exercise or an "it” piece of equipment, there is always something new to stay on top of. As trainers, it is our job to sift through what is simply a fad and what really is beneficial to your clients.

At the Sports Club of Novi we do our best to stay with the times and keep up with the latest fitness equipment technology. That being said, we have recently become one of few gyms to incorporate the ActivMotion Bar.

This new piece of equipment can benefit those of all fitness levels. It’s unique design and the level of exercise difficulty allows all to get a great workout from this rather simple tool. The ActivMotion bar is, as its name entails, a body bar. The differentiating feature for this specific bar is the fact that it has an instability built into it via the moving balls, shifting with the slightest of movements. This type of disruptive training forces your body to use those under-active muscles to effectively complete an exercise.

If you are curious about this new addition to the Sports Club, ask one of our great trainers to show you all of the great things you can do with one piece of equipment. It will change how you look at the most simple of movements.




Cleanses: Beneficial or Harmful?



Losing weight and getting back on track requires a lot of work and we, as humans, seek the easiest and timely way of achieving these goals. Hence, the uproar about cleanses and detox diets.

Essentially, these diets last from three days to a month, depending on which one you do. Majority call on you to limit food intake and focus on an all liquid intake of either protein shakes or vegetable/fruit juices. Some diets even require the use of laxatives and enemas to "truly” cleanse the system. These diets claim to rid the body of the toxins and regain balance of your system and boost your weight losing abilities. 

That all sounds good and well, however, why mess with what we are naturally designed to do very efficiently? Our kidneys, liver and colon dutifully take on the task to keep our bodies free of toxins and impurities.

A poor diet can certainly make one feel "clogged up” and lead to extra weight gain. The idea of being able to change this by simply eliminating food intake and drinking loads of water is tempting. It’s instantaneous! Be warned: it’s incredibly temporary and can come with more negative side effects than positive. The extreme caloric deficit can lead to weakness, dizziness, and fainting. The drastic change in consumption can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, even muscle breakdown.

Yes, you will see a drop in weight after attempting one of these diets but, it will most likely return as it is typically water weight that you have lost. Now, for some, this might just be the mental, feel-good, boost they need to take on a healthy lifestyle. Simply consider your options before investing your time and money into a cleanse. Are there some other changes you can make to make yourself feel better? For example, limit alcohol consumption and increase your intake of minimally processed foods. And, as always, don’t skip gym day.












Shamrock Shake vs. Big Mac




Come March, McDonald’s release its creamy, minty Shamrock Shake. Because it’s seasonal, and if you blink it will be gone, you have to have one, right? But, before you down one of these, here is something to consider: how does a 12 oz. Shamrock Shake compare to a Big Mac? Which one do you think is worse than the other?


Shamrock Shake Nutritional Values (Small, 12oz. Serving)


Calories: 530

Fat: 15g

Sugar: 73g

Carbohydrates: 86g

Sodium: 160mg

Protein: 11g


Big Mac Nutritional Values


Calories: 530

Fat: 27g

Sugar: 9g

Carbohydrates: 47g

Sodium: 960mg

Protein: 24g


Obviously, neither one of these would be a good "go-to” option if on the run, however, it does put things into perspective. A liquid can pack just as much of a punch on your daily calorie intake as a Big Mac. At the end of the day, the high sugar content and lack of protein offered by the shake would lead me to choose the Big Mac (never thought I’d say those words). The burger would lead to less of a sugar spike and provide me with longer lasting energy for the same number of calories consumed. Moral of the story? Nothing is as innocent as it seems when it comes to the fast food world.


Sarah Hall, B.S., C.P.T.