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  42500 Arena Drive
  Novi, MI 48375
  Fax: 248.735.8859
  Located off of Novi Rd.
just south of 10 Mile Rd.

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Martial Arts for Children, Teens and Adults
Taekwon-do Kwonbop Combat Institute


Tae Kwon-Do...A way of life...
Tae Kwon-Do indicates the mental and physical training of unarmed combat for self-defense as well as health. It involves punches, kicks, blocks, and dodges with use of both your hands and feet. Self discipline and respect are key elements to the success of this martial art.

We will help your child…
To develop martial art techniques and self defense skills.
Achieve an A+ attitude, while developing self-confidence
Learn self-discipline
Increase their strength, coordination and athletic abilities
Improve listening skills, concentration and focus
Adult students will enjoy…
Multi-dimensional fitness training
Positive workout environment (as compared to traditional exercise)
Improved endurance, flexibility and strength
Will develop self defense and awareness skills




Master Alfredo Torella, Director of
Martial Arts
5th Dan Founder of Taekwon-do Kwonbop Combat Institute
2011 Master Instructor of the Year Hall of Fame WHFSC
Founder, President and Director of the USIMAA
5th Degree Black Belt in Bushido Kempo/Kwonbop Combat
4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo Kwon Bop Do
United States Advisor/Representative of WASCA International
Co-Director of Kwon Bop Do Federation to Italy
Jeet Kune Do Association Consigliere/ Advisor for Italian Affairs
Member of the World Head of Sokeship Council Masters Division
Former Military Tank Pilot and Weapons Expert for the Italian Army
4 time Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee