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Class Descriptions
Starfish - This class is for children with no swim experience and are hesitant or afraid around the water. Games and songs are used to help teach preschoolers basic skills while becoming comfortable in the water.

Guppy - Prerequisites: Not afraid of the water. This class continues building on basic skills by using games and songs. Underwater exploration is introduced.

Penguin - Prerequisites: Must be able to submerge completely. Children should be extremely comfortable in the water. This class focuses on independent swimming.

Novice - Prerequisites: None. Is afraid or cannot submerge, cannot swim, float or glide independently. Focus is on independent swimming and gliding.

Learner - Prerequisites: Can jump in and swim independently to side with face in water. Swimmers will learn fundamentals of front and back crawl, master floating and streamlined gliding.

Swimmer - Prerequisites: Can demonstrate front crawl with rhythmic breathing to side and back crawl a minimum of 15 feet. Not afraid of deep water. Swimmers will continue improving front and back crawl while increasing distance. Diving, elementary backstroke and treading water are introduced.

Technique - Prerequisites: Can swim front and back crawl 2/3 length of pool with good technique. Swimmers will begin swimming full lengths of front and back crawl. Breaststroke and butterfly are introduced.

Mastery - Prerequisites: Can swim a full length of all four competitive strokes using correct technique. Swimmers will continue learning advanced techniques for all four competitive strokes while increasing distance. Sidestroke is introduced.



  42500 Arena Drive
  Novi, MI 48375
  Fax: 248.735.8859
  Located off of Novi Rd.
just south of 10 Mile Rd.

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Our Mission click here for level chart

At The Sports Club we love to swim and our goal is to instill that same love into your children. Our progression of Elementary levels will help them build confidence and endurance while learning correct stroke technique. Preschool classes will learn to be comfortable in the water while building a foundation for when they are ready to learn strokes.

Our Teaching Style click here for level chart
We like to keep kids moving in the water, so classes are not only about learning but also about getting their bodies moving! Classes will include the following three components:
Technique: How well does a swimmer perform each skill? As a swimmer progresses into the higher levels and strokes, technique is very specific. However, in the Preschool and lower Elementary levels we are still looking at technique in the basic skills to make sure it is correct.
Distance/Endurance: Swimmers must not only have the correct technique but also be able to maintain it to meet the distance requirement set for each stroke & level. This ensures that they have the endurance to be able to swim the increasing distances required in the next level (and continue to learn correct and advanced stroke mechanics).
Safety/Fun: The two non-competitive strokes, treading water, diving, and water safety lessons are included in all lessons so that your swimmer can be successful in any water environment.
Our Goal for Your Child click here for level chart
To have your child excel at each level before moving to the next. Age and motor skill development are the biggest predictors of your swimmer’s success. There are no set ages for each level but typically we will see an age range for each. If your child is young when looking at the average for a level, we would expect to see them repeat that level until they grow and their motor development allows them to master the required skills. Additionally, if your swimmer’s motor skills are slow to develop for their age, they will likely remain in that level until their motor skills catch up with their age. Because of these two reasons, it is not unusual for a child to remain in a single level for up to a year. If you have concerns about this, we highly recommend doing private lessons. Private lessons can be very helpful in these situations because the additional time spent with hands-on feedback can greatly increase motor learning. Private lessons are scheduled individually through your instructor or by contacting Kris Goodrich, Youth Swim Director
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Kelly Adams, Swim Instructor Thomas Naughton, Swim Instructor
Cammy Jenrow, Swim Instructor Scott Winslow, Swim Instructor
Emie Noble, Swim Instructor Claire Reynolds, Swim Instructor
Kim Winslow, Swim Instructor Alexis Leach, Swim Instructor